Saturday, March 8, 2014

In his mouth, and in my mind

I realized this morning, I have yet to write about one of my newest passions—adult nursing relationships. It's amazing. The closeness, the intimacy—I can't even explain what it does to me. I crave it like mad now... Hope this short erotica somehow reflects my new-found passion for it and shares a fetish we don't hear a lot about in the BDSM world, even if it barely touches on it...

I walk into the room and hold my breath.
It smells like him.
It always does.
I take a moment to look around the very masculine room. The deep colors and bold statements that take my breath away never fail to impress me.
I couldn’t create something like this. It's so opposite of everything I am, yet it compliments every ounce of me.
A soothing moment envelops me, and I finally release my breath. "Fooooohhhh."
I bend at the waist, and all I can do is breathe in and out.
How is this possible?
How am I this turned on already and he's not even here yet?
I palm the key he loaned me for the week to prove myself. Or that ‘s what he said it’s for.
I had no idea what that meant. Still don't.
But I want to.
Prove myself to him in every way.
Suddenly, instinct kicks in.
I've removed my clothes, folded them and stacked them in the corner next to his rather large, intimidating bookcase filled with volumes and volumes of religious texts.
For some odd reason, I'm compelled to drop into kowtow and bow down to them. Possibly because they're a part of him. A statement of who he is—always learning, stretching, growing and curious for more.
If I learn to be half as disciplined, intelligent and spiritual as he is, I'll be an indomitable force.
Right now, though I feel stronger than I ever have, I can still freely admit my weaknesses.
I don't know what it is about him, but from the first, I was pulled by him.
A moment later, I'm on my feet, bustling around.
Cooking, cleaning and just soaking up his presence in the air around me.
This man... This force, is everything I crave.
I lick my lips, mix the batter for the cookie dough and keep going.
He allowed me to buy groceries yesterday and bring them over.
Today I'm going to cook him something.
I'm a decent cook. I used to even say I was a great one, but in this moment, my fingers tremble and I feel less than worthy to even be in his kitchen.
My nerves are misfiring and I stumble repeatedly, but his house is spotless now. Not that it was dirty when I got here, but I've added some shine to what was already fairly pristine.
God, I love this man.
I drop my head and drop spoonfuls of cookie dough onto the greased cookie sheet.
Once they're in the oven cooking, I arrange the table with our place settings for dinner.
I have no idea when he'll get here.
It varies daily, and sometimes he's unable to let me know if he'll be late or not. When he's with a client, he can't just drop what he's doing to text or call. And I don't expect him to.
I just love that he gives me any of his spare time he can. It's an honor to be in his life and be someone he deems important.
It doesn't take long for me to finish up the cookies and have everything ready.
Unsure of where to go or how to be, I simply kneel by the chair he sits in at dinner, keeping my head down and my breathing as even as possible.
After what seems like an eternity, I hear the garage door opening and blood rushing in my head.
He's here! My Daddy!
He doesn't know I'm here...
Or does he?
I smile and my chest burst into a full honeyed warmth.
He's my center. The reason I feel so calm, even as I kneel here, shaking.
"Darling," he says, sounding breathless the moment he's in the door.
My smile spreads wider, and even in my kneeling position, so do my legs.
I ache for him already.
He stands directly next to me and runs the front of his well-polished shoe along my thigh.
"Beautiful," he says, his voice deep.
I fight off a shiver.
"Thank you, Sir."
"Daddy," he corrects me.
"Yes, Daddy. I'm sorry." It's all still new to me.
I flex my fingers on my knees and wonder when I'll ever remember that he's not as strict as my previous Dom.
He loves being called Daddy. I love it, too, but when I'm nervous, old habits resurface.
"Sorry for what? Making my evening amazing the second I stepped in the door?" He chuckles, and it sounds gritty—dirty somehow.
I swallow and pull my shoulders back. My stomach tightens at the thought that tonight I'm his.
I'm always his in all reality, but tonight I'll be in his hands, and I can't fucking wait!
"Up, beautiful," he says, gripping my arm and helping me to standing. "And I want to see those eyes."
My head snaps up and I stare into those gorgeous gray eyes.
"Daddy," I say, my breath catching.
The top buttons on his shirt are undone, and his dark chest hair is visible and more than delicious.
The deep purple of his shirt, that five o'clock shadow—fuck! I'm lucky my limbs are working at all as I rise to standing.
No wonder he's helping me.
"Unzip me," he says when I'm facing him.
Without a word, I draw it down, keeping my eyes on his.
"Unsnap me."
I lick my lips and do that, too.
"If I'm not in your hands in five seconds, you'll be kissing my boots and then fucking them until you get off. You know how you'll be cleaning them as well." He pushes a finger into my mouth and fucks my tongue with it.
"Mmmm..." I nod and fish his hard cock out in record timing.
"Slowwwwer," he says, smirking.
In my impatience, I was fumbling and grabbing him like a klutz.
He pulls his finger out of my mouth and circles my ear with his damp fingertip.
"I love you," I say absentmindedly.
"Good girl." He steps a little closer and sways his hips back and forth. "I love my baby girl, too. I think about her all the time."
My eyes water as my heart pounds. "You do?"
"Yes." He moves toward me, and I'm forced to back up until I'm pinned between him and the table.
He grabs my ass, smacks it with his right hand, making me hiss in pleasure.
The next thing I know, I'm on the table, the place setting for him shoved aside, and his mouth is on me.
"Give me what I really want to eat," he says.
He sucks, coaxes with his tongue and explores every inch of my pussy.
I never liked oral until him.
He knows exactly what buttons to push and the pacing is always perfect.
When I'm about to come, he stands up and simply stares at me.
My eyes go wide.
Why did he stop? He always wants me to come. He's not into orgasm denial.
"Did I do something?" I ask with the feeblest voice I've ever heard escape my lips. I'm shaking head to toe. Not because of how turned on I am, but because my stomach drops at the idea I might have disappointed him. Was he expecting me to squirt?
Was he expecting me to come a long time ago?
What's wrong with me? Why can't I get this right?
"Yes—you’ve  captured my soul, little girl, and I want it back. I want yours in return." His eyes roam over my body like he's starving for me.
"You have it. Always." I reach for him, and that's when he growls, leans over me and runs his tongue down my throat and then latches onto my right nipple.
I squirm at the feel of his suckling mouth.
"Daddy—I love it when you do that."
Not many people want this—but we do.
We love nursing like this.
The way he watches me as he suckles makes my heart speed and lodge into my throat. "So beautiful," I choke out.
The way he trusts me and is so vulnerable has me falling apart.
His hips angle back, and he thrusts forward in one swift move.
"Ahhhhh!" My back arches off the table as he shoves himself in as deep as he can go.
His mouth is still on my breast, taking it in as deep as it can go as well.
It's a give and take.
He's inside me, and a portion of me is inside him.
He can't speak since his mouth is full.
But he doesn't have to.
It's in his eyes—in his breath.
He does love me, and I couldn't be more under his spell.
"I hope you stay right here all night," I say, beaming at him.
His tongue loosens on my nipple, then he moves it back and forth over the tip, making this savoring, very pleased sound.
"Ah, but if I stay here all night, your dinner will spoil." He blows across the wet tip, making it tighten and my breast break out in goose bumps.
He chuckles at my reaction.
"Yes, but I can always make another. A dinner I can replace. You and your happiness—that  can't ever be replaced. It's all for you, Daddy."
"That is more delicious than anything I can ever eat!"
I giggle and my shoulders shake until he's kissing me all over and I can't even remember what was so funny.
All I know is I'm a spoiled girl, and this night that was supposed to be about him, suddenly feels like it's all about me.
Fuck. I love this man!

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