Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Harkham's Case teaser #1

Time for teasers, until the release of this story on August 15th. I can't wait! Until then, enjoy...

Teaser 1: From chapter 1, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“I like you,” he whispered, but it was a loud, scratchy whisper Mari was sure the whole class heard, including the teacher. “You’re nice to sit by. This is a good spot. You were smart to pick it.”
“Thank you,” she whispered back, much quieter.
He smiled bigger and his shoulders rose a little.
Wow—he was adorable when he grinned like that with a childlike innocence that was so authentic, it made her heart expand in her ribcage.
“Do you like me?” he asked. “It’s okay—you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone your answer.”
“Uhhh . . . Sure.”
She picked up her pencil and began tapping it. Her gaze went to the teacher, but for several minutes she was sure the boy next to her, seated on the right, was still focused entirely on her.
An electric current must have been moving over her arms, because it was breaking out in chills and the hair follicles were almost on end. But not in a scared way. More like . . . Well, she didn’t know what.
This was all new to her.
All she knew was it was hard to take notes and concentrate with him doing that.
“You have nice eyes. They tell me you like me, so I know you’re telling the truth. Thanks for that,” he said.

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