Thursday, July 24, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #2

Teaser 2: From chapter 3, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

Feet shuffled around Adam, and voices echoed in the corners of his ears, but they were indecipherable.
As he slipped into that state where there was nothing but numbers, out of nowhere, a soothing voice called out to him. “If I take your hand and stay with you, you have to behave, Adam. I’m here for you, but you need to calm down.”
He glanced up. She was here!
The numbers flashed before his eyes, but grew to a whisper in his head.
He blinked to clear them away completely.
“Are you Mari?”
She smiled. “I am. And you’re Adam, my friend.”
“I don’t have any friends.” His heart froze. She didn’t really like him. The only reason Mari was here was because he had gotten so bad Sam needed help, and she must not have been able to find Zach.
But when Mari took his hand, his heart beat again, and the numbers dissolved completely.
“You do now, because we both like each other, so that makes us friends.” Mari’s voice was softer than her hand.

How was that possible? She was like a softness he wanted to hold and sniff and know well.

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