Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #5

Teaser 5: From chapter 9, Harkham’s Case (Zach and Adam’s conversation)

“I see why you chased her here. So this is the girl you were talking about. I get it now,” Zach said, nodding. He squatted next to them. “Dad wanted me to bring you directly home, but I think I’ll go get something to eat, come back here and hang out with you two for a little bit.”
“Do whatever you want. I’m staying with Mari,” Adam replied.
“I can see that,” his brother said, then smacked Adam on the back in a playful, sportsmanship kind of way.
The force of the blow almost made him choke on the oranges he was eating, but he managed to swallow them down safely and follow it up with a glare at Zach.
“Be back in a little bit. You two get into as much trouble as you can while I’m gone.” Zach winked at him.
“Stop talking.” Adam groaned.

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