Friday, August 1, 2014

ARCs for Harkham's Case going out this weekend

I'm in need of more ARC reviewers. They're going out this weekend.

If you'd like to be an ARC reviewer or if you're a book blogger and are interested, please email me:

Thank you!!!

Here's one of my favorite quotes from the story with Mari and Adam. This is my way of saying thank you beforehand for your help!

He looked deep in her eyes and then examined her whole face. “Mari, I would give everything that I am, give up everything I own, to know all of you. I can’t ever have enough. And if it means I get in trouble, it’s worth it.” He’d sell his car if he had to . . .

She swallowed, her eyes brightened and grew a little wide, then she sighed. “Good God . . .” she murmured. Her body slumped after that.

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