Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #12

Wow! I can't believe it. Harkham's Case is almost here. Two more days! Can't believe it! This is the last of the normal teasers, but tomorrow, one final large blurb...

Adam's ready to share his world with you. Are you ready to join him?

Teaser 12: From chapter 23, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s conversation)

“So, not getting some is called a margin of error. I see.” Mari nodded along like she was on to something here.
“Yeah. What would you call it?”
“Oh, I don’t know—life maybe?” Her lips pulled up to the right and she shrugged that accompanying shoulder.
“Not life. No. It’s death. Because I about die when I can’t be intimate with you. Please, Mari. Be mine in every way. Stop making things so difficult for us.” Adam’s hands slid down the steering wheel to the bottom of it.
“I’m not doing anything. I’m only trying to keep the peace with your family. They love you, and they care about your future. For some stupid-ass reason, they seem to sorta care about mine, too. I don’t wanna mess that up because I’m horny as hell and too lame to make the right decisions.” Her voice went hoarse. “They’re important to you, so they’re important to me. If I don’t treat them right, then I can’t really call myself a good girlfriend, or a good anything, can I?”
“Yes, you can. You’re always good. And sometimes I don’t like that. Makes me feel inferior.”
“Okay, fine. To you, I’m perfect somehow.”
“You are.” He leaned toward her and stole a quick kiss.
She hummed. How did he do this? He was so goddamned charming and intelligent, it was hard to see anything but his logic on these matters.

“Tonight you’ll spread your legs in the bed. I’ll crawl on top of you and put my dick inside you—where it wants to be. We’ll be in a hotel room, so if it’s really messy for my first time, no one’s going to know.” He gave her a look like she had to know this was a sound plan.

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