Friday, August 1, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #6

It never fails to tickle me, how many people who read this story absolutely despise Samara, Adam's sister. I mean, like really despise her and want to cause her bodily harm, as if she was a real person. For the record--I always liked her. But then I'm biased, since I wrote her. She always tried to help him--just not always in the best way for him...

Either way, she's a big part of who Adam is, so I simply had to share a teaser with her in it. Enjoy!

Teaser 6: From chapter 11, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Samara’s conversation)

Mari stepped into her first class she had with Adam, and Samara was standing behind Mari’s chair where she usually sat. Adam was missing.
Samara was glaring at her.
As soon as Mari was to the stop of the risers . . .
Mari toppled over a little and braced herself on the desk. That little elf knew how to slap someone hard! Mari’s cheek stung and pulsed like it was scratched.
“You gave him soda? Do you know what we had to deal with last night?” Samara howled.
“No,” Mari answered and glanced up from her bent over position.
“He took my phone. He doused it in some crazy concoction he made himself and burned it to a crisp!”
Mari smiled and shook her head. Only Adam would use his own mixture. If this wasn’t so sad, because it most definitely was her own fault, she’d be laughing hysterically. He was a crazy bad ass in his own way.
“You think this is funny?”
The classroom that had been empty with the exception of Samara when Mari arrived now held a few students, gawking at them.
“Not a bit.” Mari stood up and rubbed her cheek. It was definitely skinned. “Listen—you need to keep him away from me outside of school. I can be his hand-holding buddy here, but other than that—”
“And how am I supposed to do that? He obsesses over you. You’re all he ever talks about. Each night at dinner, we have to listen to a recounting every little thing you did that day.”

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