Sunday, August 3, 2014

Harkham's Case Teaser #7

Teaser 7: From chapter 13, Harkham’s Case (Mari and Adam’s phone conversation)

“You can’t come here, Adam,” Mari repeated.
“Why? I want to be with you. I can help you clean up his messes.”
She swallowed. “I know you could, sweetie. You’re so wonderful that way, but the numbers would overwhelm you if you were here. My dad’s not the only problem I have to face.” She took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “Did you get my email?”
“Yes, but I didn’t read it yet. I wanted to talk to you instead, so I called you. Was that wrong?”
She chuckled. He was the only person she knew that was always checking with her to make sure everything was good between them. “It’s fine. Just make sure you read it sometime today. How about I tell you a story in an email every day while I’m here?”
“I’d like that.” She could hear the smile in his voice.
“You might not. I think it’s time you got to know who I really am. I’ll tell you different sad stories of my life so you’ll know why I’m not good for you.”
He exhaled. “No matter how many times you tell me that, I’ll never believe it. There’s goodness in your heart. I can feel it.”
“Yeah, just call me Darth Vader. I’ll chuck the head bad guy off the side to temporarily redeem myself, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do all those other nasty things beforehand.” She picked at the pills on her bedspread.
“I miss your lips.”
“Adam, I . . .” This sounded oddly like the beginnings of phone sex.
“When you kiss me, my toes want to dig in the dirt so they can’t count numbers. And then I wanna do more to you than that.”
“Is that good? Not being able to count the numbers?” What a dumb question, but she had no clue what else to say.
“It’s really good. Wanna know something else?”
“Not really.” She smiled, knowing he’d tell her anyway.

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