Sunday, September 28, 2014

computer issues and other news...

I'm sure some of you are wondering where Harkham's Corner is, why the ARCs haven't gone out and why the fan fic version is still up and available...

Well, I've had constant internet issues at my house and my laptop decided to stop charging and is dead. I've ordered the replacement part, and for some reason the dang post office didn't deliver it and I have to get get it from them, but I simply haven't had time to get down there since I've been working so much and have about a thousand things going on in my life.

I'll be pushing things back about a month for Harkham's Corner's release. I apologize to those of you who are waiting patiently for it. I'll get it out as soon as I can...

On a plus side, I'm seeing a new Daddy Dom and he is the most loving, amazing man I've ever met, not to mention he blows mind when we're playing together. He's too yummy for words. Everything I could ask for in a play partner. I can't even express how intense and beautiful our relationship is. I'm beyond excited to see where things go with him. I've never felt so connected to a Dom before. He put me into a mild subspace last night and it still has me breathless today. He's the first one to do that in person (I've gone into subspace over the phone before several times with a previous Daddy of mine, but never when I was physically together with a Dom). He keeps me stirred up constantly, and it makes concentrating a little difficult times, but don't worry--you'll have Harkham's Corner soon enough.

Much love,

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