Scrapping Tin (science fiction erotica)

Scrapping Tin is a science fiction erotica novel set in the not too distant future. Instead of traditional plastic surgery, there are people who have opted to adjust and accept technology into their body. Like generations before them, many have become addicted to "fixing" their ills, and have become more machine than man. Doctors have led the way, being the prime example of why this is the most logical choice. Before long, what was once seen as a sign of oppulence and wealth by wielding mechanics on their body, has now become a sign of ignorance and disrespect for nature. The problem: what was once blatantly touted is now hidden, and it's become increasingly difficult to differentiate the "tins" from the untainted humans. No one wants the stigma of being tricked into feeling anything at all for these monsters in society, and worst of all, fall in love with one, or "scrapping the tin" as it's called when it becomes more intimate.

So, what happens when a female soldier in the act of duty is knocked unconcious and when she wakes, cannot tell if the doctor taking care of her is a "tin." It probably wouldn't matter if she wasn't falling for him, and if he wasn't insintuating that she'd been experimented on, and she is in fact the "tin," not him. But why would the armed forces do that to her? Is the sexy, charismatic, kind doctor lying to her, to take the attention off himself? Or is he telling the truth?

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