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July 19, 2014

Due to some issues going on in my personal life, I'll be pushing back the next few book releases. I simply don't have time to write currently, and I'm in a huge transition in my life. So, here's my future tentative schedule:

Harkham's Case -- August 15, 2014
Harkham's Choice -- September 15, 2014
Harkham's Corner -- October 15, 2014

Catching Vapor book 2 from the Slick as Ides series -- end of December, 2014
Sparing Amy  book 2 from the SHROAG series --  April 2015
Book of Asa -- June 2015
Scrapping Tin -- fall of 2015

Coming Soon...

Harkham's Case: Harkham's Series, Novel 1

Mari squinted. “Well, if it’s not Asperger’s, then what is it?”
Samara paused before answering and gripped the door handle. “We don’t know what Adam has. He was the first documented case. For now, he’s called Harkham’s Case number one.”
Mari smiled as a tear leaked out. “Okay.” But nothing was. This changed everything. He really wasn’t normal.
“He needs you, Mari. I’m not sure why or how he even decided that. It took years before he’d let Dad touch him.”
Mari pulled over on the side of the road. “Years? His own father?”
“Dustin’s not his biological father. It’s complicated,” Samara said, turning her head to look out her side window.
“Okay, it’s complicated. Whose family isn’t?”
“Ours is more than the Brady Bunch. There’s no laughs when somebody breaks their nose from a football, because Adam can be taken away from us, and we’re all he has left,” Samara replied
Mari gripped Samara’s arm. “Tell me. He’s dragged me into this—I need to know.”

Adam Latham looks like any other charming, good-looking high school senior, but underneath—there’s a lot more to him than anyone could ever guess. He has an uncontrollable need for constant touch to ground him, to keep the numbers from invading his brain when anxiety gets the better of him.
When Adam resolves to finally complete high school and get his diploma, the social demands amongst his younger peers prove to be much more challenging than he’d imagined.
Lucky for him, his first class holds Marissa Cole, and she’s willing to let him hold her hand so he can keep control. Adam’s family sees him as a danger to himself if not strictly regulated, but to Mari he’s a boy with the most pure soul. One so intriguing, she can’t resist him and he quickly steals her heart.
How will she cope when he invades her world and turns her life upside down, unearthing her own past traumas and issues? Will Adam find a way to help her find peace and forgiveness through love, or will their own problems keep them apart?

There’s only one way to find out—to forge ahead and discover what it means to reinvent themselves together, becoming their own special kind of individuals worthy of each other’s love.

Catching Vapor: Slick as Ides Novel 2 (scifi erotica)

Nick, or Vapor, as he’s known by his computer friends, never thought he’d get caught. Why would he? He’s been hacking into computers and stealing items for years without even a hint of being suspected. As a lawyer, he knows how to bend the law as far as it will go. When he steals back his motorcycle Ides had sold to protect their identity and whereabouts, his thieving ways finally catch up to him. How will his germophobe, pregnant wife, Ides, cope with him being behind bars? What can he do if Rick comes after his wife and family while he’s helplessly imprisoned, and is his father behind any of this? What about his ex-roommate, Jason? Will he be able to help, or is he an enemy? Lucky for Vapor, his wife is a genius, and she’s not one to stand by when someone’s harming her husband. She has a few inventions that can bring him home. That is, if he’ll allow it and she can keep her phobias in check.

Book of Asa (scifi, post-apocalyptic erotica)

When the world ends, three things will continue to exist—fear, chaos and love. The order isn’t as important as how to make them work in a survival situation. Azure has no idea how to do that. He only knows he’s being hunted and sought after by two very different and equally terrifying groups—SALV and Legion. They both have an agenda, forcing Azure to hide his identity. He’s been declared the Savior of the world. Bombs have dropped and cities have been virtually flattened, leaving him with one one thing to do—run and hide. That is, until he runs into Brina. She has no idea who she is or why she’s there and has even less knowledge of the prophecy and the part she’ll play. The Book of Asa foretold their meeting and her purpose—to climb her way out of the ashes like a Phoenix being reborn with the sole purpose of protecting this Savior and restart the world at his side. Can she trust him and in this prophet’s prediction? Or will she turn him away, her survival instincts and training kicking in, to ensure her own survival? Azure’s the only one that can see who she really is, and he is soon obsessed with her. Brina’s obliviousness of the status the world has given him when they first meet, allows her to see things in him as well that no one else ever has—and that means the world to him. It makes her worth more than sacrificing himself if that’s what it requires to have her.

Scrapping Tin (scifi erotica)

Combat isn't easy, sacrifices are made. When Allie wakes up in a hospital after an attack and being shot, she's shocked by the doctor overseeing her. He's too good to be true, and maybe he is. Tins look just like humans, after all, and are the dregs of society. Is Mitch Seaward more robot than man, or is he really that perfect? Allie's father, a military commander, seems to have something up his sleeve. With Mitch, she dives in to uncover the truth, but will she be able to handle the heartache of the truth?

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